Experiment 5

EXPERIMENT  5 OBJECTIVE : Understanding the use of loops and mathematical operations . TASK : develop an application to compute the sum of digits for given...

Experiment 4

EXPERIMENT 4 OBJECTIVE : Understanding and use of nested loops and text area control. TASK: develop an application to print pattern for a given character and...

Experiment 3

EXPERIMENT 3 OBJECTIVE : Understanding and use of nested conditions in real life applications TASK : Develop an application to prepare students result on the basis...

Experiment 2

EXPERIMENT 2 OBJECTIVE : Understanding the real life application requirement and developing a solution. TASK: create a  GUI application to calculate simple interest. CODING : private void...

java programming language

EXPERIMENT 1 OBJECTIVE: Understanding and use of variables of float and other data types. TASK: Create a GUI application to multiply the two numbers. CODING : private...


"Some people are just like semicolons in the statements of my life".

self created quote

import javax.Sonia*; while(money<love){ relationship == "exists"; } else { heart=="always broken"; } # programming language java 

full forms


Data Abstraction

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I love you dear

Aapko paake aisa laga jaise humne apna  khuda paa liya, Kami zindagi mein nahi hai koi aapko deke rab ne sab de diya.   Zindagi ki har...

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