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Philosophy meaning:

  • Philosophy is the most sublime extent of human thought
  • It studies and analyses logically the real form of the whole universe and of human life,of creation and creator,soul and God, Life and death, knowledge and ignorance (subject matter of philosophy).
  • It also discusses about the means of attaining knowledge, doable and undo-able actions of man.
  • India is considered to be the master land of philosophy. After India, Greece is next in this field.

Indian concept of philosophy :

  • In ancient India any type of thought was called philosophy but as the scope of knowledge developed it came to be divided into different disciplines such as economics, medical science,theology,etc. ,then the branch of knowledge in which the ultimate reality or truth of universe came to be known is called philosophy. Philosophy in this form was accepted in upnishadic age.

“Philosophy is that by which ultimate truth or reality is realized”.

  • In India, philosophy is still considered to be the subject that seeks to discover absolute truth,

“Philosophy is the logical inquiry into the nature of reality”.

                                       ——Dr Radha Krishnan


Western concept of philosophy:

  • Philosophy was first developed in the western world, in Greece.
  • The word philosophy is derived from two Greek words “philos” and “sophia”.



  • Plato accepted philosophy in this sense.
  • According to Plato, He who has the taste for every sort of knowledge and who is curious to learn and is never satisfied may be just termed as Philosopher.

“Philosophy aims at the knowledge of eternal nature of things”.


  • Plato’s pupil,Aristotle emphasized on reality along with ideas.

“Philosophy is the science which investigates the nature of being as it is in itself”.


“Philosophy is the science and criticism of cognition”


“Philosophy is the science of knowledge”



  • However, in the present times, a great transformation has occurred in the western philosophy. Now it is inclined towards the analysis of different branches of knowledge in the place of discovery of the fundamental factors. This extensiveness of philosophy has given birth to several branches of philosophy, such as social philosophy, political philosophy and educational philosophy,etc. Therefore, philosophy is termed as the science of sciences and criticism of criticisms.

“Philosophy is the science of sciences”.


“Philosophy is the synthesis of sciences or a universal science”.

                             ——Herbert Spencer

“Philosophy may be defined as the attempt to think truly about the human experience as a whole or to make our whole experience intelligible”.


“Philosophy is a persistent attempt to gain insight into the nature o the world and ourselves by means of systematic reflection”.

                         ——–R.W. Sellers

“Philosophy is the attempt to answer ultimate questions critically, after investigating all that makes such questions puzzling and after realizing the vagueness and conclusion that underline our ordinary ideas”.

         ——Bertrand Russel


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