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What is Coronavirus[COVID-19]

Written by Sonia Paruthi

Let’s read a poem on Coronavirus: A pandemic                     

A home to many graveyards,

   Has been given by Coronavirus.

Stay at you home,

Please do not roam.

Some committing suicide,

Some embracing demise.

I think the end is coming near and near,

The pain to lose beloved is to difficult to bear.

Cough and sneeze,

Oh God! the world is not at ease.

I pray to lord to provide comfort,

This Coronavirus is turning worst.

Good thing is Indians following their traditional rituals,

Everybody is together at home with family in togetherness pools.

 Replaced hand shake,

By traditional Namaste.

I pray the world to be free from fear and despair,

Life like earlier be everywhere.

Coronavirus ends up soon,

May everybody gets well soon.

The dead souls rest in peace,

Life be at ease.

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WHO says….

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